Review of Where Is My Gold Single by Kid Galahad

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1. Kid Galahad Where Is My Gold (12" - (Ignition) )
Where Is My Gold is an Oasis style thrusting thumping guitar lick that crumbles down into a gorgeously frail vocal. Playful and charming, its destined for some serious airplay - plug into a radio near you to hear the evidence.

Further tracks on the EP range from the simpered melancholia of Radiohead with Green Painted Lady, Consoul which shifts from a handsome folk acoustic guitar riff to an excellent slice of twisted techno/rock , and I Dont Wanna Play a loveable concoction of Monkees harmonies and synths. A prominent offering that could earn more plaudits than its predecessors (Stealin Beats) Single of The Week in the NME.