Kid Cudi says Kurt Cobain inspired him to wear a floral dress on 'Saturday Night Live'.

The 37-year-old rapper turned heads in the strappy gown on the late-night comedy sketch show in April.

And he has now explained how the late Nirvana frontman famously rocking a similar style on the cover of The Face magazine in 1993 was his muse, while he also wanted to inspire young people to be themselves and wear whatever they want to.

Speaking on 'The Shop: Uninterrupted', Cudi explained: "The image of seeing Kurt Cobain in a dress was very rock 'n' roll to me. That was cool. So I already made my mind up years ago that I wanted to do this. And it's cool because I'm also giving confidence to the kids and telling them to be themselves and do what they want to do."

The 'Memories' hitmaker faced backlash by some for his outfit choice but he loves that he has caused a stir.

He said: "I've already seen people making YouTube videos where they're just strictly talking about me and this dress. Like grown men, angry, grown Black men, angry. 'He's doing something against men and masculinity, it's a big thing going on…' And I just be like, 'Yo, this is so funny, this is crazy that I've stirred it up like this.'

"I'm more like, 'Hmm, I wonder why they feel that way. I've never been someone who's, like, thinking about the backlash. I don't give a f*** about what anyone thinks. You can't when you're doing this s***. I knew it would p*** some people off, but I love that. Because hip-hop is so weird about s***."

Meanwhile, Cudi has recently been open about his mental health struggles and admitted that his sadness "eats away" at him.

The music star posted the following text on Instagram: “Sadness eats away at me sometimes. How do I deal? A lot of u hit me and ask how I get through. Truthfully, idk. Some days are great, others not so great. I just try to believe God has something better for me. I try to have faith in the light. Please, believe.”

Cudi captioned the post: "God has better days waitin for me. I just know it. (sic)"