Review of Leave London Single by KiD BRiTiSH

Review of the KiD BRiTiSH single 'Leave London'.

These guys are mental; they are like The Streets meet The Libertines rolled into one and it does get a little messy. There's somewhat of a novelty around this band, the whole thing that surrounds them is a bit cheesy really, but they have emerged from the Mecca of music 'Manchester'.

KiD BRiTiSH Leave London Single

Their new three track EP 'Leave London', does seem like the age of free downloads and EPs, whatever happened to Singles and Albums? Bloody hell now I know I'm getting old. Back to the EP 'She Will Leave' is like a Holloways track that has been binned trying to be chirpy and cheeky and not really doing either. Next up is 'Lost In London' it's a tale of being lost in the London Underground, which is pretty understandable for four blokes from Manchester really. Someone from Manchester trying to talk to someone from London is like an Italian trying to talk to a Israeli.

Last up is 'Elizabeth' and well the cheesy style that this four carry off just carries on just like the laughing cow, just get cheesier and cheesier. The hardest part is trying to take this band seriously.


Mark Moore

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