Review of Worst Luck EP by Kid Acne

Kid Acne
Worst Luck EP
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Kid Acne Worst Luck EP

Releasing taster EP's containing tracks from a forthcoming album seems to have become the norm these days. The Worst Luck EP contains three tracks (plus an instrumental version for each) from the incoming 'Romance Ain't Dead' record from Sheffield-born rapper Kid Acne.

Beyond the adequate drum programming skills & tolerable use of samples, this generic UK hip-hop release carries the humorous angle of a Goldie Looking Chain & with that comes a whole load of dreadfully uninspiring lyrical content.

On a positive note, this EP might find a home in the way of a 13yr old wannabe gangster & the what would seem pointless instrumental versions could actually be used as backing tracks for those aspiring stars. Awful.

Colin Burrill

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