Kian Egan never wants to lose his Westlife title.

The 33-year-old singer and his bandmates went their separate ways after splitting in 2012 and Kian went on to win 'I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!' last year, but he will always be proud to be associated with the group, although since the jungle show his fame has gotten bigger than the other guys.

He said: ''I was always the blonde guy from Westlife. Across the board it was, 'The two blonde guys, which one was Kian?' There was that kind of comparison and it was 'There's the blonde guy from Westlife', 'There's your man from Westlife,' and now I suppose that's changed definitely.

''People are saying, 'There's Kian,' or, 'There's your man Kian Egan,' or, 'There's your man Kian from Westlife.' I never want to lose my Westlife title, that's who I am, that's where I've come from.''

Kian - who is married to Jodi Albert - recently announced he was embarking on a solo career and will release his first album in March, but he insists he'll never forget his time with Westlife and is pleased that the band ended on good terms.

Speaking to Ireland's U magazine, he explained: ''The way I always look at the end of Westlife was that it was a very happy one. There was nothing negative about it whatsoever. We were all very, very close friends and we were all very tight as friends and we all loved each other.

''It was almost like, how would I describe it, it was almost like the perfect ending to the perfect story. You know in a movie at the end something bad goes wrong ... it was like everything went right, nothing bad went wrong at the end of the movie, and that's the way I think the end of Westlife was for me. Even thought it was highly emotional, it was highly emotional for all positive reasons.''