Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian want to press criminal charges against a man who showered them with confetti.

The reality TV stars were furious when they were accosted last month by Richie the Barber, who spotted them while riding his unicycle in Los Angeles, and immediately filed a police report.

Sources told TMZ police ''privately scoffed'' at the complaint and did nothing to pursue the ''frivolous'' battery allegation, but a few days ago the sisters followed up their initial report and want to pursue criminal charges.

Speaking about the incident, tattooed Richie said: ''I was cutting hair and all of a sudden I saw them across the street so I figured I'd give some love, happiness and share some joy in their lives, so I threw confetti at them.

''They seemed OK, they went in the car and drove away then the bodyguard came out to me, they called the cops and said it was battery, a hate crime, stuff like that. The cops came to talk to me, filed a report.''

Police are said to have spoken to the barber and asked if he was trying to ''harm'' the 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' stars with the confetti.

Richie insisted he wasn't and only threw the shredded paper to ''congratulate them on their success.''

And he didn't seem to worried about facing any police action.

Asked if he was concerned about the sisters' legal action, he simply said: ''It's cool man.''