The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star flew to her estranged husband's side after he was hospitalised in Las Vegas on 13 October (15) following his collapse in a brothel, and she has been supporting him while he recuperates.

During the crisis, it emerged that the couple's divorce case had been dropped, sparking reports they had decided to give their marriage another try.

However, Khloe has now spoken out to insist they are not back together, and she has simply postponed the legal proceedings until Lamar is well enough to cope.

"I pulled back on the divorce because there is no rush for it," she tells America's People magazine. "For medical reasons and a ton of other things, it's just smarter that it's put on hold. But that does not mean I'm back with Lamar. It's not even in our brains to think about us having a relationship. Only time will tell."

The sports star reportedly suffered a series of debilitating strokes and faces a lengthy recovery process, and Khloe insists she will continue to support him even if they are not a couple.

"There is a very long road ahead of him, and he has to walk that road by himself... I'll be there supporting him every step of the way. I love Lamar, and I'll be there for him like I promised."

Khloe goes on to reveal Lamar's condition is still serious, but she is hopeful that he will make a good recovery: "You never know what to expect in life. I had to get there (to support him). All I wanted was for him to be OK... Every hour is different. It goes up and it goes down. Things are progressing, but it's a very serious situation."