Khloe Kardashian has turned down "lucrative deals" because they didn't match her ethos for Good American.

The reality TV star - who launched her own brand with co-founder Emma Grede five years ago - has always stayed true to the company's goal of promoting inclusivity.

She told Health magazine: "We never did otherwise. With so many retail partners, we walked away from lucrative deals because they weren't willing to carry the full size range. "That wouldn't be what we signed up for. It would be us getting a cash grab, and that just wasn't why we started.

"We didn't need another denim brand in the world. We needed inclusivity. We needed people to feel represented."

The 37-year-old star explained she wasn't actually looking to start the company, but she stumbled up the idea after her mum Kris Jenner introduced her to Emma.

She explained: "I wasn't necessarily searching for this - Good American found me. My partner, Emma, and I met through my mom.

"We started having a conversation about clothes and how I felt excluded my whole life. I've fluctuated. At my largest, I was a 14 or 16 — which, by the way, is totally standard in the US.

"I always felt excluded from my own family — not by them. On shopping trips, I couldn't shop where they shopped. I'd be indirectly told by brands that their clothes weren't for me because they didn't produce a dress in my size."

And Khloe noted her goals for the brand weren't just a bandwagon they were jumping on.

She added: "We built Good American always keeping representation and inclusivity at its core. It wasn't a fad that we were trying to follow.

"And you know, it's in our products, the diversity of the team, and our Good Squad [brand ambassadors]. We want full representation from every angle."