Khloé Kardashian "craves more simplicity" in life as she gets older.

The 39-year-old reality star shot to fame alongside her now-world-famous family in 2007 when they landed the E! series 'Keeping up with the Kardashians' and the clan now head up a billion-dollar brand within the entertainment industry but Khloé took to social media to explain that with every year that passes, she just wants to enjoy a "peaceful" life with a small social circle.

She wrote on Instagram: "Growing up is really a crazy thing… when you’re younger, all you want to do is party, be out, be seen, be in the mix. You have tons of friends but none of them really know the real you. Then, you get a little older and with every year that passes, you crave more and more simplicity. More peace.

"You crave friends that you can count on one hand. You crave doing the 'nothingness' with someone. The things that make you feel safe."

The Good American founder - who has daughter True, five, and 20-month old Tatum with former partner Tristan Thompson - made the post in honour of her friends Malika and Khadijah Haqq turning 41 and explained that the twin sisters are the two people she has "always been able to count on" in life as she reflected upon their decades-long friendship that has eclipsed her rise to global fame.

She said: "To the twins, You are my safe space. You are the ones I want to do everything and nothing with. You are the ones I’ve always been able to count on. Blessed to have had my safe space since we were young teenagers.

"Since the moment I met you girls we just clicked. We just get one another. We became triplets and we never looked back."