The Metropolitan Police in Britain are now investigating a third allegation of sexual assault made against the disgraced actor Kevin Spacey.

Scotland Yard received a new claim on December 13th, alleging that a man was assaulted by the Oscar-winning actor in the Westminster area of London back in 2005. Announcing the new allegation, the Metropolitan Police did not mention 58 year old Spacey by name, but said that the alleged perpetrator is the same person as the subject of two earlier complaints, said to have taken place in the Lambeth area in 2005 and 2008 respectively.

A spokesperson for Scotland Yard said on Thursday: “On November 1st, City of London Police referred an allegation of sexual assault to the Metropolitan Police Service."

Kevin SpaceyKevin Spacey is being investigated by British police over a third sexual assault allegation

“It is alleged a man assaulted another man (victim one) in 2008 in Lambeth. On November 17th we received allegations that the same man sexually assaulted a man (victim two) in 2005 in Lambeth. On December 13th we received an allegation that the man sexually assaulted a man (victim three) in 2005 in Westminster.”

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Spacey has received two Oscars in his career – Best Actor for American Beauty in 2000 and Best Supporting Actor in 1996 for The Usual Suspects. He was then the artistic director at London’s The Old Vic theatre between 2004 and 2015.

In the wake of the accusations against Harvey Weinstein back in October last year, Spacey has been accused of sexual assault and harassment by a number of men. The first allegation was made by actor Anthony Rapp, who claimed Spacey made sexual advances toward him when he was just 14 and Spacey was 26.

The star has said he has no memory of the encounter with Rapp and has denied all subsequent allegations, and his spokesperson has since said that the actor is “taking the time necessary to seek evaluation and treatment”.

In the aftermath of the accusations, Spacey was dropped from Netflix series ‘House of Cards’ and was completely replaced in movie All The Money In The World by Christopher Plummer as the finished movie was re-shot.

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