We were pretty excited to see the new House of Cards trailer hit, and not just because we can stream it on glorious 4K. No: there’s a certain ruggedness about season 2, and we can’t wait to see Frank Underwood - played by Kevin Spacey - step up his ruthless decimation of the U.S political hierarchy.


Netflix says the drama – based on a 1990 BBC series set in London – "slithers through the back halls of greed, sex, love and corruption in modern Washington DC." Before we carry on, though; here’s a brief recap of season 1.

There are spoilers ahead.

Frank Underwood – Democratic Congressman and House Majority Whip, is incensed by the President’s decision to hire someone else as Secretary of State after he helped him win the election. Underwood then goes on a vengeful crusade to both accelerate his career and destroy – either physically or in the public eye – those who wronged him.

Complications arise when a relationship with young and feisty journalist Zoe Barnes gets out of hand. We arrive at season 2 with Underwood in the position of Vice President and with Barnes and her hack crew suspicious of his ascendance. Let the games begin!

The trailer depicts more of season 1’s plotting, scheming and deceiving, and it’s a welcome return for the more minor characters, like Freddy of Freddy’s Ribs and Raymond Tusk. We also see a varied set of locations as Underwood’s actions come back to haunt him in several different ways.

Barnes is suspicious that Russo was murdered – and of course he was, by Underwood – but the few people that trusted him, some of his political colleagues, at least, are starting to turn on him.

Conspiracy theories in Washington are rife; Doug Stamper’s muffling techniques are threatening to be exposed and Frank’ quick rise is being questioned in the media. Will the new vice president have to silence a few people before he finally gets what he wants? We’re guessing: yes.

House of Cards season 2 will be available for binge-watching on February 2014. How romantic.