It's no secret that Netflix is experimenting with advertising on its service, though rumors on the internet this week that users will now be met with pre-roll and post-roll advertisements when watching House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, et al, appeared to be severely exaggerated.


Some analysts have pushed the company to introduce lucrative ads, though in a statement to Mashable this week, the streaming service played down the prospect.

"We are not planning to test or implement third-party advertising on the Netflix service. For some time, we've teased Netflix originals with short trailers after a member finishes watching a show. Some members in a limited test now are seeing teases before a show begins. We test hundreds of potential improvements to the service every year. Many never extend beyond that."

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Reed Hastings, the CEO of Netflix, has always taken a stand against advertising on the streaming video site.

"We have no plans to go towards advertising-based models," he said in 2014. 

Essentially the ads are similar to those on HBO, Showtime and other pay-channels who advertise their own programming - something that the average Netflix user probably wouldn't be too worried about. Furthermore, it's likely that Netflix would only target users who may enjoy said content, so it's sort of beneficial.

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Despite generating only modest profits at the moment, Netflix is under no pressure from investors to ramp things up from an advertising perspective. The company expects its profitability to greatly increase in 2017 anyway, once its global expansion is complete. The company is actually the best performing stock on the S&P 500 this year, rising by more than 82%.

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