Kevin Spacey wouldn't go back in time to erase his sexual misconduct scandal.

The 'House of Cards' actor - who was cleared of seven charges of sexual assault, one charge of causing a person to engage in sexual activity without consent and one charge of causing a person to engage in penetrative sexual activity by a court in London last year - has become a Hollywood outcast since Anthony Rapp first accused him of inappropriate behaviour in 2017 but he still wouldn't change the "bad" times because he's also had plenty of "small moments" he's appreciated, as well as a wave of love and support.

He told the Daily Telegraph newspaper of the discussions he has had with manager Evan Lowenstein: “If you push the red button, it goes back in time and none of the bad stuff will have happened. Would I push the button? And the answer now is no.

"Because despite the challenges and the difficulties and the pain and the bad days, I’ve also witnessed the most beautiful demonstrations of friendship and love and family. And had conversations and experiences and just seen things in everyday life. Small moments. Making someone laugh.

"I wouldn’t want to miss any of those. And those far outweigh all the negative stuff. Far outweigh it.”

The 64-year-old star admitted he has "behaved poorly" at times but insisted the "horseplay" and "sexual innuendos" on set were designed to lighten the mood, not to make people feel uncomfortable.

He said: “I am not saying that. I am absolutely accepting that, at times, I behaved poorly. And if anyone wonders, you know, Kevin, why would you have done that? I say, Yes, you’re right, I was involved in horseplay and I was involved in interactions on set that I thought were just fun.

"And I made a lot of jokes and, you know, sexual innuendos. And it was more common in those circumstances than it is now. And I might have been having fun because everyone was laughing, and that’s what I wanted to have people do.

"But to have learnt later in conversations I had with people I worked with that, actually, they felt I was belittling them, which was horrible to hear, because I never, ever wanted to do that intentionally."

Kevin vowed to behave differently in future.

He added: "Those conversations have been really important because I’ve then been able to have those conversations with my therapist and try to get to the root of why did I do that? And to make sure that in work environments in the future, I never, ever put myself in a situation where I ever hurt anybody or my conduct is questionable.

"It’s upsetting that sometimes I behaved in ways that I will never behave in again.”