Kevin Spacey stars in the US revival of 90s Brit TV series 'House of Cards' set to air exclusively on Netflix.

The Oscar winning 'American Beauty' star returns to our screens (our computer screens, that is) in the new US political series of which the entirety of the first series will be available on movie subscription site Netflix all at once. Kevin plays main character Francis Underwood, a Southern democrat politician who is less than admired by his colleagues. It's a far cry from the original character, the conservative Francis Urquhart who was portrayed by 'From Hell' actor Ian Richardson. Netflix's decision to air all the episodes at once has been called a gamble, but Spacey insists the decision could help combat piracy. 'Give the consumer what they want, when they want it, in the form they want it in, and they will buy it at a reasonable price and not steal it', he told 'So I actually think this way of putting it out there, giving the consumer the option will take a huge bite out of piracy.'

He also said that he would be 'very curious' to see how many people do watch them all at once and who will spread them out.

Watch the 'House of Cards' Series Trailer: