The Downton Abbey actor starred in black comedy Cloaca, Spacey's first production as artistic director of London's Old Vic theatre, back in 2004 and he recalls Spacey got so involved in rehearsals that he showed an actress how to strip.

Bonneville tells Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper, "One of the actresses had to do a striptease in the play and Kevin was more than willing to give her tips. That's one thing I'll never forget - watching Mr Spacey simulating a striptease on me with his clothes still on, thankfully."

The cast also went on a trip to Amsterdam in the Netherlands to research the play, which is based in the city, but Bonneville would not divulge any of their wild antics.

He says, "While we were sorting out the play, we did have to go on the 'essential research' trip to Amsterdam, which was hilarious" and adds the trip was a "bit of a blur".

Spacey stepped down as the Old Vic's artistic director after 11 years earlier this month (Apr15). He has been replaced by Pride director Matthew Warchus.