Kevin Spacey is forced to remind people he is not the US President.

The Hollywood actor, 55, plays the part of Frank Underwood in Netflix drama 'House of Cards' and is amazed to see people get his real life confused with that of his alter ego.

He said: ''Very often we get questions that [suggest] nobody has a clue we are actually paid to pretend we are other people.''

Spacey said people find it increasingly tough to differentiate between fact and fiction.

He asked: ''What planet do you live on where you can't tell the difference anymore? Have we become so celebrity-obsessed that there is no longer a difference between a character and an actor? I hope not...

''People sometimes have to be reminded, I'm not Frank Underwood. I'm an actor named Kevin Spacey.''

Spacey is baffled as to why people think there must be parallels between his on-screen character and his real-life self.

He told the New York Daily News newspaper: ''That's a complete falsehood. That's like saying in order to play Richard III, I have to have murdered people to get to where I am.''