They say that where there’s a will, there’s a way, but that could be stretching it in the case of the imminently released movie All the Money in the World, whose producers have decided to recast the film with Christopher Plummer replacing the disgraced Kevin Spacey, a little over a month before its official cinematic release.

The movie is directed by Sir Ridley Scott and was to star Kevin Spacey in the lead role as the late oil magnate John Paul Getty.

However, since the numerous allegations of sexual misconduct against Spacey surfaced a fortnight ago and which have kept on coming, Scott and Sony/TriStar have taken the decision to re-shoot all of Spacey’s scenes with 87 year old actor Christopher Plummer in his place – but still intend to honour the scheduled release date of December 22nd!

Christopher PlummerChristopher Plummer is stepping up to take Kevin Spacey's place in 'All the Money in the World'

Reporting on Wednesday night (November 8th), Variety claimed that Spacey had shot about two weeks’ worth of footage and that many scenes in the movie only involved him on-screen.

Mark Wahlberg and Michelle Williams, the other two main actors in All the Money in the World, are both reportedly willing to re-shoot all of their scenes that will also feature Plummer.

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The movie has already been removed from the American Film Institute’s annual festival in Los Angeles later in November.

Two-time Oscar winner Spacey’s career has crashed spectacularly since the first allegations of sexual misconduct, from actor Anthony Rapp, emerged back in late October.

Since then, more people have come forward to allege impropriety against Spacey. Streaming giant Netflix has cancelled further production of ‘House of Cards’, the International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences withdrew a special Emmy award it had planned to give to him, and his agent and publicist dropped him as a client.

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