Kevin Spacey says he has "lost everything" amid his sexual assault trial.

The Oscar-winning actor, 63, is currently facing 12 charges of sexual assault from four alleged victims and appeared at London's Southwark Crown Court on Thursday (13.07.23) where he delivered his testimony and spoke out for the first time, where he claimed he had "lost his reputation" when the accusations first came to light.

He said: "There was a rush to judgment and before the first question was asked or answered I lost my job, I lost my reputation, I lost everything in a matter of days."

The 'House of Cards' star went on to claim that he had been left mostly without work as a result of the legal battle and still "owes money" in legal fees before appearing to apologise to gay men for coming out at the time the allegations came around but hadn't understood the controversy of announcing his sexuality amid a scandal.

He said: "With a few exceptions over the last five, six years, I have not been able to work. I’ve had no money coming in and I’ve had a lot of legal bills and things to fight against, and I haven’t paid it all off so I still owe money. Members of the LGTBQ+ community were upset because I came out while I was responding to an accusation … now I understand why it was read that way, but I hadn’t put those two things together."

Spacey denies all charges but is said to have had "primarily" no issue with that his fourth alleged victim has told the court, who alleges that the actor had a "panicked" look on his face when he rejected his advances at his house in the Cotswolds in 2010.

When Patrick Gibbs KC reminded Spacey that he told police in a statement that it was "entirely possible" that he could have made a "clumsy pass" at the man, the Hollywood star responded: "I don’t remember doing that but I accept that I did. I primarily, with a few issues…I have no issue with what (the man) testified to. We all had some drinks…I made a pass and I’m only happy that he testified that the moment he told me he was not interested I stopped."

Asked if he sought the man out the following day and why, Spacey said: “I can only presume that I went there to apologise."

Spacey is also accused of performing a sex act on an alleged victim while he slept after drugging him but claimed in court that the complaints made "no logical sense" and instead claimed that they had a "consensual" evening together.

He told the jury: "I remember the end of the evening and that was what struck me in my mind because we had a consensual and, I believe, a very nice and lovely evening If he regretted it immediately I don’t know, I can’t speak for him, but something was weird – it was strange.

"I don’t remember [if we had any physical contact] but I know the way I am with someone and I would never be behaving in the way he claimed – it makes no logical sense.

I think we were very comfortable with each other."

Another alleged victim had told the court about an incident in the late 2000s, claiming that Spacey had taken "things further" and drugged him but the 'American Beauty' star claimed that while they had had a sexual encounter, things went "weird" shortly afterward and the man "hurriedly left" the scene.

He said: "We had had a sexual encounter after which I had gone to the bathroom and I came back from the bathroom and it was like… something had changed. The person that I had this intimate moment with was suddenly awkward and fumbling… and I don’t want to say ran out… but hurriedly left. And it felt very odd.

"I felt like maybe he was making an excuse and it concerned me and my memory is… that I called this person to make sure they were OK… and they were OK."

Kevin is also accused of grabbing a man's crotch like a cobra” after a “barrage of vile comments” when the pair worked at a West End theatre in the mid-2000s, but dismissed the accusations as "madness" and claimed to not even recognise a photograph of the alleged victim.

He said: "It’s madness! It never happened. I never said any of the things that he claims I said to him and wouldn’t and never have to anyone in my life."

Earlier in his testimony, Spacey alleged that he had a "very fun time" with them but had "respected" that they did not want to go any further and admitted that he had touched them, insisting that it was not in a "violent" manner.

He said: "I’m a big flirt. He made it clear that he did not want to go any further and that happens at times, and you just respect how far someone wants to go. I can’t remember specific conversations we had but I remember the tone, I remember the atmosphere, I remember the laughter. We had a very fun time together. [I touched him] but it did not happen in a violent aggressive way."

The trial is expected to last around four weeks.