Attention: there’s a new trailer out for House of Cards Season 3. As such, we must observe and discuss. The clip is a rather stress-inducing piece of promo, with an industrial musical theme vaguely reminiscent of early Nine Inch Nails playing in the background as the drama unfolds.

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The “drama” in this case is the Underwoods trying to run a country as the newly appointed POTUS and FLOTUS, while their world crumbles around them like... almost like a house of cards or something.

The trailer is narrated by the First Couple having the most chilling argument. They’re murderers. No, they’re survivors. Whatever they are, the new season will apparently feature lots of pacing, handshaking, pickets and demonstrations, as well as a few cool moments between Frances (Kevin Spacey) and Claire (Robin Wright). Cool as in tense. Not the other kind. Meanwhile, Frances appears to be fresh out of FtG, so he’s just kind of staring at the camera menacingly, like the criminal he is.

This trailer. Watch it. Live it. Be inexplicably stressed out by it.

The trailer comes right on the heels of Spacey’s Lead Actor in a Drama Series win, which he followed up by commenting: "I can tell you exclusively that there will be scenes and dialogue, movement, surprises — some of it taking place in the White House — some of it taking place somewhere else. There are shocks surprises, holes and turns. Yes, you got it from me here."

Yes, thank you, Mr. Spacey. Everything’s crystal clear now. All 13 episodes from the third season will be available for streaming on Netflix on Feb. 27.