It looks like the forthcoming fourth season of 'House Of Cards' is set to be just as intense and thrilling as the last three seasons. Now that Frank Underwood is President, he should be feeling jubilant - but his merciless soon-to-be-ex wife isn't going to let that happen.

Kevin Spacey in House Of CardsKevin Spacey returns in 'House Of Cards' season 4

As usual, there's corruption and conspiracies littered with murders, sex scandals, prison and fraud over in Washington, D.C.. The first trailer for the immensely popular political drama 'House of Cards' shows First Lady Claire Underwood clearly bitter about her husband Frank, and not remotely miserable about the end of her marriage having announced her decision to leave him at the end of season 3. In fact, she appears to be doing everything within her power to make Frank's term as President of the United States as difficult as possible. 'We had a future until you started destroying it', he says to her.

Watch the trailer for 'House Of Cards' season 4 here:

Meanwhile, Doug Stamper - now returned to his position as Chief of Staff having been fired for a period after his hospital stay - seems to be as psychotic as ever, having apparently got the hang of murder. And Frank is still facing competition from Heather Dunbar in the Democratic primaries. Obviously, Kevin Spacey, Robin Wright and Michael Kelly are all back for season 4, and we also welcome a new cast member in the form of Neve Campbell from 'Scream' - though it's unknown what role she will play in the series, there has been some speculation that she won't be Team Frank.

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'House of Cards' season 4 will hit Netflix on March 4th 2016, a little later than usual, and the already commisioned season 5 will follow in 2017. It also marks the last season creator Beau Willimon will be involved with, the next showrunner set to be announced nearer the time.