House of Cards season 3 is here. It's here! Go get it! On Netflix! Should you have somehow forgotten the events of season 2, Kevin Spacey's Frank Underwood and his wife Claire are in the White House as President and First Lady. 

House of Cards season 3Kevin Spacey [L] and Robin Wright [R] in House of Cards

However, Frank has inherited a White House rocked by scandal and to complicate things further, Rachel - the former call girl who was connected to the death of Cory Stoll's character - is now missing after attacking Doug and leaving him for dead. 

The season suffered a strange leak earlier this month, with the first 20 minutes of numerous episodes becoming suddenly available to Netflix users. Still, the team behind House of Cards made light of the situation and creator Beau Willimon has spoken for the first time about the gaffe.

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When quizzed by the Hollywood Reporter, Willimon didn't rule out the possibility of more surprise deaths in the new season.

"You can't be precious about anything. You have to challenge every idea. You have to always assume there's a better one and strive for that better idea. You have to serve the story. The story is not there to serve you," he said.

"You may love a character. You may love a storyline. But the overall narrative demands it must come to an end, as heartbreaking and difficult as that might be for us. Zoe is a great example. It was always the plan for her to meet her demise at the beginning of season two, and the closer we got, the harder it was to carry it out, but we did, because it was right for the story."

House of Cards begins streaming today on Netflix.

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