It's been less than a week since Frank Underwood returned to our screens in House of Cards season 2 for more political scheming, though already, Netflix's signature series is turning its attention to the future. It's been a roaring success - the show scored nine Emmy nominations and a Golden Globe win for its first season and it's likely more will come its way for season 2. 

House of Cards season 2When Will 'House of Cards' Come To An End?

Spacey has already spoken of the show's potential to run and run, though show creator Beau Willimon insists things will come to an inevitable conclusion. 

"In conception of the second season, I put a lot of thought into the doors open to us in seasons three and beyond," he told the Guardian. "I didn't want to paint ourselves into a corner in the second season. I don't know how many seasons is right for this show, we don't want to overstay our welcome."

Willimon points towards fellow drama Breaking Bad as potential inspiration for when and how House of Cards should end. AMC's acclaimed meth drama lasted five seasons, tying up loose ends and bringing Walter White's outrageous tale to its inevitable conclusion. 

"Breaking Bad perfectly moved towards its ending. A proper ending should feel inevitable. It should leave you wanting more. I think all great stories are like that," he added.

Robin WrightRobin Wright in 'House of Cards' Season 2

Despite Spacey's suggestion that House of Cards seasons could reach double figures, his character's willingness to go as far as commit murder to keep alive his political ambitions hints that his story will not continue for that much longer.