Season 2 of Netflix's political drama, House of Cards, will be available from the early hours of Valentine's Day (14th February) and promises to be filled with even more scheming from Frank Underwood, the politician we love to hate.

Kevin Spacey
Kevin Spacey at the season 1 premiere of House of Cards.

The last season ended with Underwood, played by Spacey, committing the ultimate crime against the troubled US Representative Peter Russo (Corey Stoll) and remaining inhumanly calm under pressure. As he continues with his schemes to become even more powerful it seems Underwood will go even further in this season of House of Cards. 

As USA Today reports, Spacey has promised that "Frank has lost none of his Machiavellian instincts, and with greater political power comes even more potential for plotting and scheming." There's also going to be even more "unexpected turns" and "lots of intrigue and surprises" in store for viewers. 

Spacey claims to have enjoyed filming this season more than the first and hope this will show to viewers. On the subject he said he "had an even better time shooting Season 2. I didn't think it could get better. I really am very proud of this new season and can't wait to hear the reactions this weekend."

Robin Wright
Robin Wright stars in House of Cards as Claire Underwood.

There may also be a female protagonist ruthless enough to match that of Underwood's wife, Claire (Robin Wright). Molly Parker, best known for her starring role in HBO's Deadwood, will join the House of Cards' cast as Jacqueline Sharp, a Democratic congresswoman from California. Parker, also speaking to USA Today, discussed her preparation for the role and explained how she took inspiration from real female politicians by reading their autobiographies, including that of Hillary Clinton.

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She spoke admiring of the people who were involved in politics, stating: "I learned a lot of things. I learned a whole lot of things about politics, about how legislation is passed. I'm from Canada, I missed the American civics class. But I learned mostly it takes an incredibly dedicated person to devote themselves to public service." However, she hastened to add that her character is unlike any of the women whose autobiography she read and that "none of those women are anything like this woman I'm playing."

Watch Season 2 of House of Cards on Netflix from 14th February 2014. 

Molly Parker
Molly Parker has joined the cast of House of Cards for season 2.