Actor Kevin Sorbo has accused U.S. TV bosses of hiding profits from 1990s hit show HERCULES: THE LEGENDARY JOURNEYS.
The 51 year old played the lead character in the series, which ran in America for six seasons from early 1995 until late 1999.
But he's accused TV chiefs behind the show of "creative accounting" to hide money made from Hercules, and failing to pay the actors their share of profits.
He tells BlogTalkRadio, "They are certainly, truly a mafia. They hide the money. They bury the money. They won't share profits. They won't pay actors what they're due on the back end of series.
"If you can actually get a truth machine on them, and hear what they really say, and hear what they really think, they don't even like themselves.
"I had a back-end deal, but they claimed there were no profits. In the circle of actors I know, they talk about it all the time. James Garner sued for his share of the profits from The Rockford Files. Alan Alda sued over 'M*A*S*H."