The new trailer for ‘Tusk’ has arrived, and Kevin Smith’s goofy yet terrifying horror movie bears all the hallmarks of a director in tune with the very zeitgeist he is part of. Our protagonist is a podcaster.

Watch the trailer for 'Tusk'

Wallace Bryton (Justin Long) – he’s the podcaster – travels to interview strange people around the country. This time he heads to Canada to a creepy old mansion to talk to Mr. Howe (Michael Parks) – a man who claims to have been in the clutches of the ocean’s wrath, only to be saved by a walrus.

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It’s then up to his friends to come to his rescue; a band of geeky cohorts and Bryton’s girlfriend must travel up to Canada and confront the maniac Howe before he somehow manages to turn his victim into some kind of tusked human-walrus hybrid. Bryton, in Smith’s words recites "some Lewis Carroll and The Rime of the Ancient Mariner to some poor motherf*cker sewn into a realistic walrus costume".

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“I can’t even tell you if the movie is good or bad,” said the typically candid Smith when talking to Film School Rejects. “But I can tell you it f*cking stays with you like herpes. That’s probably not the best way to sell the movie, but…I’ve been doing this for 20 years and rarely have I done anything I hadn’t seen before. That was the case with Clerks and maybe bits of Chasing Amy and Dogma. Clerks was the last wholesale picture I made where you think, “F*ck! I haven’t seen something like that before.” It’s taken me 20 years, but I think I got the other one.”

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Tusk has recently been selected for the Toronto Film Festival. The film, which that it was inspired by a Gumtree advert seeking a flatmate prepared to dress as a walrus, will join titles from Michael Winterbottom, Peter Strickland and Nick Broomfield.

It is set for release in the US on September 19th 2014, with a UK date sure to follow. It stars Haley Joel Osment, Genesis Rodriguez, Michael Parks, Harley Morenstein, Ralph Garman, Bill Bennett, Rob Koebel, Paula Jilling, Matthew Shively, Kevin M. Conte, K.M. Conte, Bonnie Cole, Todd Davis, Johnny Depp and Randy Grazio.

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