Kevin Smith will only take on movies that other studios have turned down.

The director is planning to quit filmmaking following the release of his next project 'Hit Somebody', but will instead distribute movies through his Smodcast Pictures company - but is only accepting submissions from "mistfit toys".

He said: "Me and Jon [Gordon] decided we would do Smodcast Pictures and pick other people's movies up. People like me from back in the day who didn't get a f**king shot at Miramax, who weren't lucky enough to get it through to Miramax's door.

"We figured out we can as long as I'm there, people will show up to see, and so that'll be a nice way to take other filmmakers' movies out

"We tell them very quickly right up front, there's a criteria to wind up with Smodcast Pictures.

"I said in order to be considered you have to have been passed over by every other distributor in the business.

"You hand me a letter from everybody that says 'This movie is unsellable, I can't do it or no, I pass'. Then you come to us. We are the island of misfit toys for films."

Kevin admits people didn't expect him to retire because of how much he loves movies, and he says it is his love of film which inspired him to start the new venture.

He added: "I like being around movies, and when you've been doing it long enough, you could pass on a thing or two about a thing or two to somebody. That's kind of nice, to be able to be like 'Here's what I learned, f**k it, Take That'."