Kevin Jonas is making plans for the gathering storm heading for America's East Coast after finding himself without power when a hurricane hit New Jersey last year (11).

The pop star admits he was caught out by Hurricane Irene in 2011 and so he's well prepared for Hurricane Sandy, which is due to hit land on Monday evening (29Oct12).

He explains, "My town, Danville, was hit really bad (last year). We were wiped out of power for, like, a week and a half, so I have a tour bus coming to the house just to hang out and it has, like, a generator and stuff, so we have a place to live, instead of coming to my brother's apartment (in New York)."

The brothers braved the storm on Monday morning for a live interview with radio presenter Ryan Seacrest - and they were shocked by how deserted the Big Apple was.

Nick Jonas said, "It was like a ghost town. There's no Starbucks open, there's nothing."

City officials have warned residents to seek shelter as strong winds and heavy rains are expected to batter coastal regions. Some coastal areas are bracing for evacuations as the big storm approaches.

Jonas' tour bus shelter seems like a good idea as widespread power outages are expected for New York and New Jersey.