Kevin Jonas has his sister-in-law to thank for helping him win over his wife Danielle's heart - because she refused to give the singer her number when they first met.
Danielle Deleasa caught the eye of rising pop star Jonas in 2007 while they were both on separate family vacations in the Bahamas, but the former hairdresser wanted nothing to do with the hitmaker because she was convinced it wouldn't lead to anything worthwhile.
Jonas tells, "When I met Danielle, I was the one that was pursuing her most of the time and I didn’t want her out of my sight. She actually ran away twice."
New Jersey native Danielle explains, "He lived in L.A. (Los Angeles), and I was on family vacation. I thought, 'I’m never going to see this kid again, so why would I spend time away from my family while we’re on vacation?' I was like, 'Why should I waste my time?'"
So Jonas turned to her older sister and it was only then that he was able to woo his future wife.
Jonas adds, "I had to get her number through the sister, can you believe that?"
The happy couple, which wed in 2009, has since landed its own reality TV show, giving fans a glimpse into their everyday lives, and Danielle recently admitted filming Married to Jonas has brought them closer together.
She told, "I think doing a reality show has made us talk even more about things that maybe we would not have talked about or just left on the backburner. I just feel like this made us communicate more, and I think that's important in our relationship and keeps it strong."
Married to Jonas premieres in the U.S. on 19 August (12).