Kevin Jonas feels ''empowered'' by DIY.

The 24-year-old singer's Home Improvement projects feature in his new reality TV show 'Married To Jonas' and he and wife Danielle admit his attempts at domesticity don't always go well.

He said: ''I'm really good with a guitar. A hammer - not so much. That's a big part ... of it.

''There's a lot of me trying to do that stuff and I actually take pride in it because I feel like it's ownership in something, and I feel empowered when I do it. I really enjoy it.

''I put all the flooring down in our basement ... wood flooring. I tried and I did a pretty good job. There's some weird cuts in a couple of places, but it's pretty good.''

Danielle added: ''I [slung] a carpet over it.''

The couple were not afraid to row while the TV cameras were on and says their presence has made their relationship better as they communicate more.

He explained: ''Fighting happens in marriage. If it didn't, it'd be kind of strange. And it's communication. It's resolving things.

''This show actually allowed us to learn to communicate even better than we did before.''

Kevin and his spouse - who he married in December 2009 - want to have children but the 24-year-old singer admits it is tough planning a family around his working schedule.

He explained to 'Access Hollywood': ''You can't just say, 'Oh, you want to have a kid, sure, let's start trying.'

''I have to say, 'All right, well I can be in these countries during these months. I might not be home or there might be scheduling conflicts. There's a great deal of planning that we would have to do.''