Kevin James' 'Here Comes The Boom' comes out this weekend, and the actor has been giving his thoughts on it. The comic actor's role sees him play a high school biology teacher aiming to become a successful mixed-martial arts fighter in an effort to raise money to save extra-curricular activities from being axed from the school he works at. Also, The Fonz seems to be appearing in it.

"I did a little karate and I was into sports but I didn't discover UFC until 1993" said James of his previous experience with MMA to Fox. "[I] was kind of blown away by how crazy this sport is. Just watching it and meeting the fighters and getting to know them." He added. "What really impressed me about them was they're like these gladiators but they're regular people when you get to know them and finding the inspiration that they're fighting for. Some of them are fighting to put food on the table for their kids."

James also quizzed about his co-star Salma Hayek, joking "I worked with Salma a few times and we just have a great chemistry with her. I adore her. Our families get along so well. She's really funny. When we got her I said, 'We got to ugly you up somehow because I've never met a nurse who looks like that,' but we weren't able to do it."