Kevin James uses a Segway to control his children.

The 'Paul Blart: Mall Cop' actor, who has four daughters, Sienna-Marie, nine, Shea, seven, Kannon, four, and Sistine, three months, with wife Steffiana De La Cruz, claims he rides around on the two-wheeled machine at home.

He said: ''I actually own one after the first movie. I've been known to go around the house, yell at the kids a little bit, round 'em up.''

The 50-year-old comedian also revealed he couldn't do anything too crazy in Las Vegas while shooting the movie because his daughters were present.

He added: ''I had to go right to bed after filming to rest every sore part of me; every pulled hamstring, ever bruise. And I had my kids with me around the clock.''

And Kevin says his family is a huge fan of his accident-prone character Paul Blart.

He said: ''They love him! They asked me to keep the me to keep the mustache (all) year-round, which is tough. But they like when I have it.''

The actor's wife gave birth to their fourth child earlier this year and he is completely smitten with the little tot.

He told Us Weekly magazine: ''She's incredible, man. So sweet and a good traveller. She's like her daddy - she only cries when she's hungry.''