Kevin James was in pain for ''eight hours'' after Salma Hayek accidentally kneed him in the private parts.

The 'Mall Cop' star insists he was ''down for the count'' after being struck in his manhood while filming action-comedy film 'Here Comes the Boom' with his co-star, but he still admires her ''incredible'' moves.

He said: ''Well, you know what? She is incredible with what she does. Her moves are obviously incredible. There was a couple scenes where she jumped on me and she got mad at me. She was trying to show me how to fight, and she kneed me in the - I don't know how you say that in French.

''The à les boules. Yes, definitely the à les boules, oui, oui - or the ''wee-wee.'' In America, it's pretty much the wee-wee. I got hit in the wee-wee, or the à les boules - à les boules, oui, oui. From there, I was in pain for about - I'm going to say eight hours after that. I was pretty much down for the count.''

Kevin also stars alongside Henry Winkler in the movie - which sees a teacher (Kevin) aim to raise money for his cash-strapped school by becoming a mixed-martial arts fighter - and insists the 'Happy Days' legend is one of the ''greatest'' actors he's ever worked with.

He added to Buzzine: ''Henry Winkler is the greatest, the nicest man, and he was the perfect choice for this role because he's a man you immediately root for, you get behind. He's my inspiration. He starts out as my inspiration, and then it becomes about the kids and everything else. Working with Henry is the greatest. It would be hard to find a nicer man than that.''