Kevin James' career is a very strange landscape to traverse, with a solid base in US sitcom 'The King of Queens' which was funny if not brilliant. It's also littered with the odd incredible superstar such as Will Smith, opposite whom he starred in 2005 RomCom 'Hitch' and yet marred by some very strange script choices such Zookeeper and I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry. The premise of his new film 'Here Comes the Boom' leaves us bewildered as to which side of the fence this movie will fall. This time James is starring with Salma Hayek, another Hollywood heavyweight.

The film follows James playing a teacher at a failing high school who chooses to take up MMA wrestling to help pay for the music program that was going to be cut due to the school's financial cut-backs. Like any average comedy- which this certainly seems to be- there are sentimental moments, punch lines that don't hit hard enough and a tenuous love story to tie it all together.

Fox News has criticized “the stabs at genuine moments” and the holes in the story and characterization. However, it does say that there are some “decent gags and laughs” . Clearly, while this film certainly isn't the fireworks that the 'boom' of the title might imply, it's not quite a misfire either. Indeed, as Fox News says “Yeah, it's just dopey comedy. We should accept it and move on.”