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13th October 2016

Quote: "I don’t know where they get this from. She’s not pregnant. We’re not expecting. When we do, we’ll know and you’ll probably hear from me several months after. You’ll probably be able to tell because she’ll be showing, but when that does happen I won't be public about it off the bat." Comedian Kevin Hart dismisses rumours suggesting his wife Eniko Parrish is pregnant.

12th October 2016

Quote: "My daughter, she wants to be in the entertainment business. I'm holding her off until she's old enough and done with school." Comedian Kevin Hart reveals his 11-year-old daughter Heaven can't wait to follow her dad into showbusiness.

11th October 2016

Fact: Kevin Hart's new bride and his ex-wife joined the comedian as he unveiled his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Monday (10Oct16). The Ride Along star's kids from his marriage to Torrei Hart also took a day off school to celebrate dad's latest honour - the 2,591st star unveiled on Hollywood Boulevard. Halle Berry, who appears in Hart's upcoming What Now? documentary, also turned up to support her pal.

29th September 2016

Fact: Comedian Kevin Hart is to be honoured with the 2,591st star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The funnyman will unveil his plaque on 10 October (16).

26th September 2016

Fact: Kevin Hart and David Beckham have teamed up for a hilarious new H&M ad. The latest clip follows the odd couple's short film for the fashion brand last year (Sep15). In the new ad, Beckham joins the funnyman on the road as he hopes to bring his Beckham: The Musical to Las Vegas. The show features Hart as the sportsman. The pair is pulled over by police, who recognise Hart from his role as Beckham.

11th July 2016

Quote: "D.J. (Dwayne Johnson) is one of the best guys in the world. He's a friend/brother now. We're doing great things together... He's a positive guy that wants to see good for people. I'm the same, man. We believe in love, we believe in laughter, and we believe in living right. When you find yourself with a person like that, that attitude becomes contagious, and together, you spread a lot of that positive energy. That's what we've done." Kevin Hart is full of praise for his Central Intelligence co-star Dwayne Johnson.

8th April 2016

Fact: Kevin Hart turned a potentially embarrassing moment into a hilarious encounter when a fan mistook him for fellow comedian Chris Rock. The Ride Along star posted a video on Instagram in which the young woman calls him Chris Rock and Kevin replies, "Yes I am, yes I am. Make sure you come to my show tonight. It’s called Rock the World." He added the caption, "These are the moments that keep me Humble."

29th February 2016

Quote: "That was awkward. I'm not gonna lie and say I didn't think that was awkward. I think everybody did. I didn't believe she was walking out here, so when she did, I thought, 'All right, I guess...' That's the only thing where I think a lot of people were positively confused." Kevin Hart was stumped when Clueless star Stacey Dash poked fun at the Oscars' diversity issue onstage at the Academy Awards.

29th February 2016

Quote: "I want to applaud all my actors and actresses of colour that didn't get nominated tonight. I want them to understand that tonight should not determine the hard work and effort that you put in the craft. At the end of the day, we're breaking major ground doing it. These problems of today will eventually become problems of the old. Let's not let these negative problems of diversity beat us. Let's continue to do what we do best and work hard." Comedian Kevin Hart put a positive spin on the controversy surrounding the 'all-white' Academy Awards on Sunday night (28Feb16), after voters came under fire for failing to nominate black actors for top awards for the second year running.

19th February 2016

Fact: Kevin Hart and DWAYNE 'THE ROCK' JOHNSON have been recruited to co-host the 25th annual MTV Movie Awards in April (16).

15th January 2016

Fact: Funnyman Kevin Hart's daily work-out regime includes 1,000 sit-ups and 500-700 push-ups.

13th January 2016

Fact: Comedian Kevin Hart caused a brief traffic jam at Sunday's (10Jan16) Golden Globe Awards in Hollywood after leaving his tickets for the event inside his car. The Ride Along star had to run after his vehicle and flag down his driver in a bid to retrieve his passes before hitting the red carpet. America's Today show host Matt Lauer recalled the story for viewers on Wednesday (13Jan16), when Kevin and his Ride Along 2 co-star Ice Cube were guests on the show, prompting the funnyman to laugh, "It's a true story...! The good news is I had shoes on with no socks, so I was able to slide to my car!"

13th January 2016

Fact: Kevin Hart bared all on U.S. dating show The Bachelor when he and Ride Along 2 co-star Ice Cube joined unlucky-in-love Ben Higgins and a date for a jacuzzi get together. The funnyman's exposed junk had to be pixelated as he stepped out of the hot tub in an episode which aired on Monday night (11Jan16).

7th January 2016

Fact: Kevin Hart will wed fiancee Eniko Parrish a month after his 37th birthday on 6 July (16). The couple have set a date for 8 August (16).

1st October 2015

Quote: "I'm guilty of always grabbing too much in photos and stuff. I've toned it down... It's not on purpose; she's taller than me... so where it should be her waist, it ends up being her butt - and I look like a pervert... I didn't make heels... Whoever invented high heels, it's their fault. Me and my lady are the same height until she puts on heels." Short comedian and actor Kevin Hart on the height issues between himself and his fiancee Eniko Parrish.

7th September 2015

Quote: "We're gonna go August 8, next year man. That's right, ladies. I've got to put this chocolate in the freezer." Comedian Kevin Hart will be officially off the market when he weds fiancee Eniko Parrish next summer (16). The couple became engaged last year (14), three years after Hart divorced his first wife, Torrei Hart, the mother of his two children.

4th August 2015

Quote: "(Filmmaker) Judd Apatow was producing a show with us and he thought it would be a good idea to have him live in my house with me in a studio apartment and so I would wake up in the morning and there would be Kevin Hart in his boxers, cooking breakfast and one of my prize possessions I still have is a cheque that's a signed Kevin Hart phone bill for $8. He was fantastic, very respectable." Jason Segel once lived with comedian KEVIN HART while they were shooting a TV show.

31st March 2015

Fact: Funnyman Kevin Hart has been chosen to receive the second-ever Comedic Genius Award at the upcoming 2015 MTV Movie Awards. The Ride Along star will be presented with the honour by U.S. talk show host Jimmy Kimmel during the 12 April (15) ceremony.

26th March 2015

Quote: "I send them wine, I just send them gifts... I take the quote and I put the quote on, like, a little piece of cardboard and put it in the frame and I'm like, 'You're the best', and I sign it." Thick-skinned Kevin Hart sends his worst critics gifts.

25th March 2015

Quote: "We're gonna go for summer of 2016... but I'm not getting involved. I'm letting her do it; I'm gonna give her a budget and (said), 'You just come back and tell me when to sign the cheque...' If I answer one question, then I'm stuck... If I step out of it, it's just you, it's your thing: 'I want you to have the best day ever, babe, but I don't wanna be a part of (planning) it'." Comedian Kevin Hart is keen to stay away from planning his wedding to fiancee Eniko Parrish.

22nd March 2015

Fact: Funnyman Kevin Hart surprised fans at legendary New York comedy club Carolines on Broadway on Wednesday (18Mar15) when he stopped by to stage an impromptu stand-up set. The Ride Along star, who kicks off his comedy tour next month (Apr15), entertained the packed crowd with a 45-minute routine, much to the audience's delight.

17th March 2015

Quote: "You know how you can look at a person and, like, they're trying to have a good time, but you can tell there's a tear... There was one moment when I looked at Justin and he was like... it was like a laugh but it's not. I kept pointing at him like, 'You better hold it back, boy...' He did one knee slap, where I think he covered up a cry... It got a little rough." Justin Bieber's 21st birthday roast, which was taped for a TV special at the weekend (14Mar15), was tough in places, according to host Kevin Hart.

17th March 2015

Quote: "I'm doing a football stadium... 50,000 seats. The show has been on sale for two and a half weeks and right now we're at 37,000 tickets sold. It's unbelievable." Comedian Kevin Hart is thrilled by ticket sales for his upcoming hometown show in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Hart will make concert history when he becomes the first comedian to headline at an NFL stadium. Hart's What Now? tour will hit 45 cities throughout North America and one of the shows will be at Lincoln Financial Field, where the Philadelphia Eagles play. The What Now? tour kicks off in San Antonio, Texas in April (15).

16th March 2015

Quote: "Bieber has 10 million fans - most are in middle schools, or standing at least 500 feet away from one." Comedian Kevin Hart pokes fun at birthday boy Justin Bieber during the pop star's Comedy Central Roast on Saturday (14Mar15).

17th February 2015

Fact: Funnyman Kevin Hart will make concert history this year (15) when he becomes the first comedian to headline at an Nfl stadium. Hart's What Now? tour will hit 45 cities throughout North America and one of the shows will be at Lincoln Financial Field in Pennsylvania, where the Philadelphia Eagles play. The What Now? tour kicks off in San Antonio, Texas in April (15).

17th February 2015

Quote: "I'm going to smash Bieber. It's going to be a tough day for Biebs. The good news is that he knows I love him. The good news is that he knows I'm a real friend, so it's no holds-barred. I get to let loose. It's going to be dope. He's 100 per cent nervous... He's like, 'Hey, so Kev, you're going to take it easy, right?' And I said, 'Absolutely not'." Kevin Hart insists he won't be taking it easy on his pal Justin Bieber at his upcoming Comedy Central Roast.

18th January 2015

Quote: "The one on my head peed on my head. I'm serious, we had a problem with that one. We had one picture; he had to get out. Left a little dog doody back there. He got comfortable fast. I didn't like it; I didn't like it at all." Comedian Kevin Hart was left disturbed during a recent puppy-filled photoshoot for The Hollywood Reporter after one of his furry co-stars had a little accident onset.

16th January 2015

Quote: "Right now, it's a lot of speculation. All I can do is just say my prayers and my wishes go out to all of the women who are potentially involved. His personal life has nothing to do with me. I can't control it. I will never try. It doesn't stop me from being an admirer of his work." Kevin Hart insists he'll never stop being a fan of embattled comedian Bill Cosby, no matter what the outcome of his ongoing sexual assault scandal is.

20th June 2014

Quote: "I love Australia, I love the people in Australia, but I don't like the wildlife. Everything there can kill me... Every animal we saw was a violent animal, like the kangaroos. I don't like it when you show me an animal then tell me what that animal can do if it gets mad. Like, 'Oh, these kangaroos are happy, but if they get angry, they can kick your chest off.' 'What? What do you mean?!'" Comedian Kevin Hart did not enjoy getting up close to the animals during a private tour of a petting zoo during a recent trip to Australia.

18th June 2014

Quote: "I wanted to go full frontal, but the producers said, 'No, Kevin, you have to put some drawers on!' So I went with my undies and rocked the bulge. It's a gift to the fans." Actor Kevin Hart was banned from stripping off onscreen in new romantic comedy Think Like A Man Too.

25th March 2014

Fact: Rapper T.I. has landed a role alongside Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart in their new comedy Get Hard. The Whatever You Like hitmaker will play Hart's cousin in the film, which centres around a businessman who is convicted of a crime he did not commit. The film is set to hit theatres next year (15).

11th March 2014

Fact: Funnymen Jamie Foxx and Kevin Hart are in talks to play hitmen in new action comedy Black Phantom.

26th February 2014

Fact: Ride Along actor Kevin Hart took an unlikely trip to the set of British soap opera Coronation Street while on a promotional trip to the U.K. He paid a visit to the show's landmark pub Rovers Return and posed for pictures with the cast on Wednesday (26Feb14).

18th February 2014

Fact: Rapper/actor Ice Cube and funnyman Kevin Hart are preparing to reunite for a sequel to their hit buddy comedy Ride Along. The film has grossed more than $120 million (£75 million) to date worldwide since its release in January (14).

13th February 2014

Quote: "The media has a way of pouring things on people when they’re in a bad place. Justin’s a teenager. I called him, I told him, 'Look, when I was a teenager, I did stupid stuff too. That’s what you’re supposed to do as a teenager. The job is to learn from the stupid mistakes that you make. Now you’re about to become an adult. You can’t make the same mistakes that you’ve made now. Learn from it, grow up, move on.'" Comedian Kevin Hart has become a mentor to troubled teen idol Justin Bieber.

27th December 2013

Fact: Samuel L. Jackson, Jack Nicholson, Snoop Dogg, and comedian Kevin Hart were among the stars who spent part of their Christmas Day (25Dec13) courtside at the Los Angeles Lakers' home game against the Miami Heat basketball team at the Staples Center. Actress Gabrielle Union was also in the stands to cheer on her new fiance, Heat ace Dwyane Wade, as his team went on to win 101 to 95.

22nd August 2013

Fact: Comedian/actor Kevin Hart has debuted his new animated show Say It With Your Chest on The series brings to life the funnyman's stand-up comedy skits.

8th July 2013

Quote: "I spilled a whole canister of pineapple juice all over Jay Z. I just started taking off my jewellery and giving it to him." Comedian Kevin Hart insists the joke he includes in his stand-up routines about a run-in with the rap superstar is based on a real-life mishap.

15th November 2012

Fact: Comedian Kevin Hart helped victims of America's superstorm Sandy by handing over a $50,000 (£31,250) cheque to New Jersey's Fireman's Charity Fund and another $50,000 (£31,250) in gift cards and donated supplies.

7th September 2012

Fact: MTV Video Music Awards host Kevin Hart was introduced at the ceremony as "the future president of the United States". The comedian was escorted to the stage by a security team made up of little people. He joked, "I think Mtv made a mistake; I told Mtv I was gonna need a little security and I think they took it literally. They actually got me little security."

27th June 2012

Fact: Justin Bieber's favourite stand-up comedian Kevin Hart has signed on to reprise the character Jim Belushi played in a remake of cult 1986 movie About Last Night, which starred Demi Moore and Rob Lowe.

26th February 2012

Fact: Hip-hop star J. Cole and comedian Kevin Hart were crowned basketball champions on Friday night (24Feb12) as they led an East team over rapper Common's West squad 86-54 at the annual Nba Celebrity All Star Game in Orlando, Florida. Hart was named Most Valuable Player.

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