Kevin Hart stopped talking about his teenage daughter in his comedy shows after she "threatened" him.

The 44-year-old comic - who has Heaven, 19, and Hendri, 16, with ex-wife Torrei and Kenzo, six, and three-year-old Kaori with spouse Eniko - has had to be more "concious" of his family's wishes as the kids have got older, and his oldest child previously admitted she was unhappy with her private life being used to entertain audiences, eventually asking him to stop joking about her entirely.

Appearing on '60 Minutes', Heaven said: "Why is he blowin' my business out there? He's a sneaky little guy."

Kevin admitted: "As your kid grows older…you have to be a little more conscious of what you're doing based off of what they feel, what they like, and what they don't.

"So, I haven't talked about her since 'cause she gave me, like, a hard threat."

His daughter confirmed: "I did. I threatened him."

But one topic the 'Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle' actor is happy to poke fun at in his shows is his height, as he doesn't feel he is making himself into "a joke".

He said: “It’s talking about the things that you aren’t afraid to laugh at about yourself. I’m really confident that the laugh that I’m getting, you’re not laughing necessarily at me as if I’m a joke.

"You’re laughing at the experience. I’m giving you an experience through a story that is relatable. And more importantly, I’m saying things that other people just don’t have the heart to say.”

Kevin was asked to clarify just how tall he is because “GQ said you’re 5’5″, the L.A. Times says you’re 5’4″, and some other place said you were 5’2″.”

He told host Anderson Cooper: “Well, that place is bul. GQ finally got it right. [I’m] 5-foot-5, like with a shoe on, like a sneaker. Now, if I put a boot on, I can get to 5’5″ and a half.”

The 'Ride Along' star played down claims he is a billionaire.

Asked about his wealth, he replied: “None of your business. Man, are you trying to get me robbed?

“I mean, hopefully and even if I don’t or if I’m not, I think the better side to what I’ve done is create what can become the new norm for other people in the business of funny for other people in the business of entertainment, right?

"Not just being a part of the business, but learning and understanding how to be the business.”