'Ride Along', the newest buddy action film to hit the big screen, is proving to be a huge hit amongst cinemagoers. The cop comedy, starring comedian Kevin Hart and Ice-Cube, has maintained the No.1 spot at the box office for a third straight week.

Kevin Hart
'Ride Along' co-stars Kevin Hart and Ice-Cube

'Ride Along' debuted at the top poisiton to record-breaking figures, and in its third week of release the new flick is still rolling, earning $12.3 million. 

The film follows Hart, who plays an all-talk security guard called 'Ben Barber', Barber has to prove to 'James Payton' (Ice-Cube), an APD detective, that he is worthy of marrying Payton's sister Angela. To test Barber's competence, Detective Payton takes him on a 24-hour patrol, will his nerve hold?

Watch the 'Ride Along' trailer here

This is Kevin Hart's first starring role in a Hollywood movie, but has appeared in supporting roles and other memorable cameo appearances throughout his career.

Falling in second place is Disney's Oscar nominated animation movie 'Frozen,' the studio has re-released a singalong version of the film which has garnered $9.3 million. Since being released in November of last year, 'Frozen' has grossed $864 million worldwide.

Disney's 'Frozen' falls into 2nd place

The debuting romantic comedy 'That Awkward Moment', starring Zac Efron, Michael B. Jordan and Miles Teller, falls closely behind in 3rd position, earning $9 million. 

The Nut Job', an animated film that follows the friendship of a rat and squirrel, starring the voices of Will Arnett and Brendan Fraser, finishes at No.4 with $7.6 million. Mark Wahlberg's 'Lone Survivor' rounds off the top 5 earning $7.2 million. 

Below are a list of this weekend's top earning films (via Box Office Mojo):

1. Ride Along: $12.3 million

2. Frozen: $9.3 million

3. That Awkward Moment: $9 million

4. The Nut Job: $7.6 million

5. Lone Survivor: $7.2 million

6. Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit: $5.4 million

7. Labor Day: $5.3 million

8. American Hustle: $4.3 million

9. The Wolf of Wall Street: $3.55 million

10. I, Frankenstein: $3.52 million

Kevin Hart
Kevin Hart is enjoying the success of 'Ride Along'