We wonder, as Kevin Hart’s arrested for DUI: Is there some kind of unspoken rites of passage ritual that we are unaware of, in which all famous people are required to get themselves arrested for driving under the influence? We’ve lost count of the number of times that we have written stories such as this over recent months. According to TMZ, the Scary Movie 3 star was arrested early Sunday morning when he nearly slammed his vehicle into a gas tanker whilst he was clocking 90mph on a freeway.

California Highway Patrol confirmed that their officers spotted Hart, in his black Mercedes, on the 101 freeway at about 4:30am. He was reportedly “driving erratic” and “almost collided with a gas tanker truck.” When he was pulled over by cops, he failed to perform the regulation ‘field sobriety tests’ and showed “objective signs of intoxication.” Just before 6am, Hart was booked into jail for misdemeanour DUI and posted a $5,000 bond.

He was videoed leaving the jail and held his hands up to the offence. When the cameraman asked how he was feeling he said “oh, good, good.” He also admitted that he was also arrested for ‘resisting arrest,’ as well as the DUI. When the details of the police report were read back out to him, Hart was visibly frowning but said “I got pulled over last night, he gave me the whole test… I said, I’m drunk, I get it, do what you gotta do. My girl was with me, I said just make sure she gets home safe.” Asked about the ‘resisting arrest’ part of the charge, Hart explained “officer tried to put handcuffs on my wrists… I said wait, let me take my watch off and he said ‘you’re resisting arrest…. I laughed at it though… I was actually drunk so there’s no arguing that.” 

Kevin Hart
Kevin Hart: the comic actor admitted to DUI