BRITNEY SPEARS smolders as a saucy French maid in a new photo spread, which also features her husband Kevin Federline.

The INTERVIEW magazine spread, shot by photographer MICHELLE KOLE, features a pre-pregnant Britney, dressed as a maid, showing a little leg and a garter as she serves her husband a bottle of Jack Daniel's and then sits on his lap.

The spread also features brunette Britney playing with her hair as Federline serves her a poolside cocktail, dressed as a slick butler in a tuxedo and white gloves.

In the accompanying interview, Britney reveals, "I wanted me and Kevin to do some kind of character pieces, with a fun essence that didn't really take things too seriously... I think we both have the sense of wanting to serve the other person."

Spears admits the pictures were set up partly to poke fun at the public's perception of the couple.

She adds, "Instead of trying to deny what the public says or what they think our personas are, we make fun of it.

"I've worked this way with my videos and photo shoots, but I've never done a whole out-there concept that is not attached to a movie or an album."

20/07/2005 03:52