Actors Kevin Costner and Stephen Baldwin will begin their legal disputes in a New Orleans court today, as Baldwin and his business partner Spyro Contogouris are suing Costner and his partner, Pat Smith, over a dispute saying they are owed millions from the pair over an offshore dispute reports Fox8 New Orleans.

Baldwin and his associate invested in Offshore Therapy Solutions, a company that makes devices that separate oil and water based on similar devices developed by Costner while he was working on the film Waterworld. Costner had represented the company during the BP oil spill in 2010, bringing the technology to Louisiana to help clean up the massive leak.

Baldwin and Contogouris sold their shares in OTS for $1.9 million just days before Costner and Smith made a deal with the British oil firm worth millions and claim that they were forced out and 'duped of millions' because of the badly timed sell.

The defending party are said to owe around $15 million to Baldwin and his former associate Contogouris.

Costner and Smith also have placed a counterclaim against Baldwin and Contogouris because the buyout contract included an agreement that said neither party could sue at a later time.