Kevin Costner has landed a part in new movie 'Jack Ryan.'

The 'Bodyguard' actor has agreed to appear in the latest instalment of the thriller franchise, which is being directed by Kenneth Branagh, and The Deal could also see him in the spin off film 'Without Remorse'.

The movie is a prequel to Tom Clancy's popular 'Jack Ryan' novel series and the 57-year-old star will play American patriot William Harper, who recruits and mentors the titular spy played by Chris Pine.

The movie series previously saw Harrison Ford and Ben Affleck in starring roles, while Keira Knightley looks set to play Jack's love interest in the forthcoming film.

Meanwhile, Tom Hardy is being lined up to play the lead character in 'Without Remorse' which would see him take on the role of John Clark.

Kenneth is thought to be starring as a villain as well as directing the movie.

According to, Kevin's deal with Paramount Studios also includes an option for him headlining his own film in addition to his role in the 'Jack Ryan' reboot.