Kevin Costner was forced to bow out of a Tv performance with his band on Monday night (13Jan14) after losing his voice.

The Dances With Wolves star was hoping to double up his appearance on U.S. late night show Jimmy Kimmel Live! by promoting his new film Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit and fronting his group Modern West, but he had to croak through his interview and pull the plug on the singing.

He told Kimmel, "I lost my voice about six days ago and I'm trying to get it back... This was gonna be the first we played for a national audience for a year... and it kinda broke my heart that we couldn't do it."

Costner's bandmates didn't realise their frontman was so ill and showed up for the programme only to be told they wouldn't be playing.

The movie star adds, "They were really upset with me... words like cissy... I said, 'Really, what is the problem...?' and they all looked at me and went, 'Our moms were all gonna watch this tonight!'"

Costner reveals he even tried steroids in a desperate attempt to perform: "I tried everything and the guy (doctor) goes, 'Well, do you really wanna try?' and I said, 'Yeah!' He broke out the needle and did the steroid thing."