Kevin Connolly thinks the 'Entourage' movie marks ''quite an accomplishment'' for the cast of the hit TV series.

The eagerly-awaited comedy-drama film sees the likes of Kevin and co-star Jeremy Piven reprise their roles from the TV show, and the 41-year-old actor - who plays the part of Eric Murphy - thinks it's a major achievement to transfer a TV series to the silver screen.

He said: ''There's a lot of great shows but very few great shows have parleyed that into a movie, so it's quite an accomplishment.''

Kevin also confirmed that the much-discussed movie, which is due out in June, has evolved markedly ever since it was given the green light.

Asked how much of the film has changed, Kevin told Collider: ''Well, like most screenplays, it takes lots of different forms. There's been a bunch of different drafts. It's evolved a great deal, and it continues to evolve. I never stops, we always get new pages.

''Doug [Ellin]'s the writer and director, and particularly writer/directors have a tendency to do that, they're always writing and they're always trying to make it better where they and when they can.''

In addition to the show's regular cast, the 'Entourage' movie will feature cameos from a number of high-profile stars, including Mark Wahlberg, Jessica Alba and Liam Neeson.