The man who accused Kevin Clash of sex with an under-age person has been named as Sheldon Stevens by The Smoking Gun website. Stevens, an aspiring model and actor, later went back on his accusations through a statement via his ex-lawyers, but no word was given as to why he accused him in the first place.

Despite no concrete reason, it seems Steven's difficult life to date may gives clues as to his motives. He was arrested a few years ago for robbing a man named Damian Pollard, a music manager and head of DP Music Entertainment Group of $250,000 worth of jewellery. Apparently, the man was held at knife-point while Stevens stole from him. However, when reports weren't filed further the case was dropped and Pollard said after that he had not been held up at knife-point by Stevens, and it was later dismissed as a mistake. However, further trouble plagued the young vagabond as earlier this year his mother Felicia Stevens was arrested for attempted murder having stabbed her husband with a knife.

With his mother's arrest on his mind, clearly, it's been a tough year for Stevens but that by no means excuses his actions and defamatory false accusations. Clash has opted to take some extra time off work to come to terms with the whole ordeal, which the Sesame Workshop "totally understand". Of course, everything is alleged until proven.