For a while, there were ‘Elmo is a sex offender!?’ jokes; then people realized it was actually a serious matter, and Kevin Clash was facing a collection of lawsuits for sex abuse against underaged boys. Now, given the judges ruling that the suits were filed too late, a ‘pleased’ Clash is setting about restoring his life to its previous state.

Kevin ClashClash is delighted to be free of those charges

"Kevin is pleased by the judge's decision," his attorney, Michael G. Berger, said in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter. "As we have maintained all along, our goal has been to put these spurious claims behind him so that Kevin can go about the business of re-claiming his personal life and his professional standing, which was recently recognized once again by the three Emmys he won last month."

Kevin ClashThe voiceover star can focus on re-building his life

Berger added: "The judge's decision to dismiss and close the three lawsuits is an important step in that direction. Kevin is looking forward to a time in the near future when he can tell his story free of innuendo and false claims."

Clash quit his job as the long-time voice of everyone’s favourite red pupper Elmo due to the allegations, although it isn't known whether he will return to Sesame Street now the cases have been overturned, although we'd be surprised if he did. These allegations asserted that he had sex with people under age. But his attorneys had the lawsuits dismissed as outside the statute of limitations, arguing that a lawsuit must be filed within six years of the event or three years after a plaintiff turns 21.