Accusations of sexual abuse keep piling up for ex Sesame Street puppeteer Kevin Clash.

The fourth alleged victim came forward last week. The young man, referred to only as John Doe during the proceedings, recounted the story of Clash flying him out to New York at 16 or 17 and having sex with him on multiple occasions. The former voice of the beloved Elmo character was in his 30s at the time.

Of the two accusers so far, only three have gone on to file lawsuits. Last week two young men filed suits against Clash, while the first person to come forward later recanted the allegations. The 23-year-old male model, who was 16 when the alleged abuse occurred, reportedly struck a deal with Clash’s attorneys.

Nothing is clear yet on any of the cases, but Clash’s attorney, Michael Berger, maintains that the charges are “without merit” and that is ready to "vigorously defend the case and Mr. Clash's reputation." Meanwhile, Kevin Clash has resigned from Sesame Street, after comments from the company that, while the situation is regrettable, the actor’s current position doesn’t fit the Sesame Street company image.

For those who have grown up with the programme, this one hits "right in the childhood.”