'Tremors' is set to see a TV re-boot more than ten years since the original series was cancelled after 13 episodes. This time it's different though, as Kevin Bacon is set to return to the small screen having originally starred in the 90s film franchise.

Kevin BaconKevin Bacon to reprise his role in 'Tremors'

It's just the latest addition to the ever growing list of television re-boots of classic horror films; some of which have turned out to be amazing and others we hope we never have to see again. This monster epic is still yet to find a network, but several are thought to be interested according to reports. If 'Tremors' was never your thing, however, here's a little reminder of some other films you might want to revisit on the small screen.

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1. Scream - Based on the 1996 cult slasher film which was followed up by three sequels, this series is based years after the events of the town's notorious murder spree, when it seems the killer has returned to attack more high school students. It premiered on MTV in June 2015, and has already been renewed for a second season.

2. Hannibal - Okay, so this one's not exactly based on the films but the film did come first. It's a TV adaptation of the first book of the Hannibal franchise, 'Red Dragon', which actually became the third film to be released. Starring Hugh Dancy and Mads Mikkelsen, it only managed three seasons on NBC between 2013 and 2015 before it was cancelled.

Mads Mikkelsen in HannibalMads Mikkelsen played Hannibal the cannibal in TV reboot

3. Teen Wolf - Tyler Posey takes on the role of this teenage furry in the hugely successful MTV version of the Michael J. Fox's 1985 film. Creator Jeff Davis has seen the show expand to include more supernatural beings since it premiered in 2011, and will also watch it grow into a sixth season.

4. Dracula - Another one that's hardly a remake of any particular film, but a rather poorly rated extension of Bram Stoker's novel featuring Jonathan Rhys Meyers. It explored Dracula's journey of revenge on Victorian London and his subsequent romantic interest in his dead wife's lookalike. Needless to say, NBC axed it after one season in 2014, though Netflix did pick it up for a third.  

5. Sleepy Hollow - One of the success stories of horror film to TV franchises, 'Sleepy Hollow' raises Ichabod Crane from the dead (literally) in modern day New York to help solve some grisly Headless Horseman-like murders. Co-created by Alex Kurtzman and starring Tom Mison and Nicole Beharie, it's only loosely based on the Washington Irving story that spawned the Oscar winning 1999 film with Johnny Depp and has seen Fox renew it for a third season. 

Sleepy HollowSleepy Hollow unites grisly legend with New York crime

6. Constantine - We're kind of straying from the format of 'TV series based on horror classics' here, as the 2005 Keanu Reeves film can hardly be called thus. A one season NBC program that finished in February 2015, it followed a demon hunter out to save the world and, ultimately, himself from damnation. Constantine was actually a character from DC Comic's Hellblazer originally though, and it seems that's exactly where he should stay.

7. From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series - After directing the Quentin Tarantino movie starring George Clooney in 1996, Robert Rodriguez went on to develop a TV series in 2014. It is shown on his own channel El Rey and is now on its third season. It pretty much covers the events of the zombie strip club fiasco in the film, but rather than Richie being killed by a vampire, he and Seth set out on further adventures together in Mexico.

8. Freddy's Nightmares - This syndicated show based on Wes Craven's 'Nightmare on Elm Street' barely featured much of Freddy Krueger, though he is played by the films' star Robert Englund. The series, which only went on for two seasons, featured a few special guests though including John Cameron Mitchell, Lori Petty and even Brad Pitt.