It's been 30 years since 25-year-old Kevin Bacon sporting a white vest and high waisted jeans danced his way across screens throughout the US. Yet Bacon still knows the moves and showed Jimmy Fallon that dancing is never banned whilst appearing on The Tonight Show on Friday (21st March). 

Kevin Bacon
Kevin Bacon appeared on The Tonight Show on Friday and relived his Footloose days.

Bacon had previously referenced the occasion on 17th February, 30 years to the day since the release of Footloose by uploading a snap of the film on Instagram. The image is of his character Ren McCormack's iconic high school dance in which he and his classmates finally break free of the no dancing rule.  

Yet this wasn't a big enough celebration of the iconic film and a plot was evidently cooked up on The Tonight Show to make a special segment to tie in with Bacon's appearance on the show on Friday (21st March).

Watch Kevin Bacon's segment from The Tonight Show:

Presenter Jimmy Fallon announced his guest but said "I should quickly mention that dancing has been outlawed here on The Tonight Show," and pulled out an official signed NBC scroll. Although the audience laughed and booed, he said "It's a bummer but rules and rules." A cut in commenced in which Bacon, wearing grey sweats, waiting in his dressing room decided to revive the Ren McCormack spirit and proceeded to dance around backstage. The four minute clip ended with Bacon dancing his way, accompanied by a crowd of dancers, on to the set. Fallon joined in and announced "I hereby proclaim that dancing is now legal here on The Tonight Show thanks to Kevin Bacon!" 

Bacon evidently enjoyed his time on the show and thanked his host via Twitter. Bacon wrote "thanks for the fun hang yesterday, Seems like folks enjoyed the dance. Not gonna lie I'm a little stiff today."