Kevin Bacon is trying to dissuade his daughter from becoming an actress after casting her in his own film. The FOOTLOOSE star's daughter SOSIE (corr) plays his wife Kyra Sedgwick's younger character in new independent film Loverboy, and Bacon insists she did a fabulous job, but he won't be encouraging her to follow her new acting dreams.

He says, "I have my own feelings about child actors. I don't think kids should be working, and yet we need kids in movies. That being said, there was a great part for a 10-year-old girl that's supposed to be Kyra as a little girl and I had to have my daughter do it.

"I was playing the father. She did a great job but I don't really encourage my kids to go into any kind of acting."

Bacon's actress wife agrees: "She's not going to be an actress. We're the biggest hypocrites in the world because we always told them they can never ever do anything professional before they were 18."

Sedgwick insists the filming experience may have put her daughter off acting. She adds, "Actually putting her in the movie was the best antidote for any interest she had in becoming an actress because she was absolutely exhausted.

"She's wonderful in the film. She's got a very small part, playing me as a little girl. By the end of the fifth day she said, `I think I got the whole acting thing out of my system!'"

29/12/2004 01:16