Ke$ha wants to look like ''Keith Richards with t**s''.

The 26-year-old singer - who has previously claimed she is the ''spirit of'' the 69-year-old rocker transported into pop music - takes style inspiration from the Rolling Stones guitarist and other male stars, and then makes her masculine look ''sexy''.

She said: ''I like taking a masculine style and making it sexy. I love suits and I always look to Keith Richards.

''If I could look like Keith Richards with t**s that'd be great.''

As well as being inspired by Keith's fashion choices, Ke$ha also counts 1980 wrestlers among her ''extreme'' style influences, and she once dyed her hair a drastic shade of blonde because she wanted to look like a ''white lion''.

She added in an interview with LOOK magazine: ''I go from one extreme to the other. I've been influenced by everything, 80s wrestlers, at one point I wanted to look like a white lion, which is why I dyed my hair white.''