Ke$ha's most recent tour saw her dancing in front of a chorus line of tuxedo and top hat wearing men with oversized eyeball masks covering their face. The costumes worn by the backing dancers seem to be inspired by the veteran rock group, The Residents, but the avant-garde art collective are claiming that not only did Ke$ha steal their idea, but she hasn't given the group any recognition for the image.

Kesha Logo
Her on stage routine does look mightily similar to The Residents

The Residents aren't looking to sue Ke$ha or anything, all they want is some recognition and a thank you from the singer for inspiring the look. Ke$ha has been spotted wearing a Residents t-shirt in the past - during an interview with MTV - and is probably a fan of their work, and the band are simply asking for some recognition from her for using their image during the stage show.

“They don’t know what to do... [the band] feel as though [she] is interfering with their intellectual property. Her people definitely didn’t call in to say, ‘Hey, can we use this?’ They’re debating what to do," said Don Hardy, a documentary-maker who is currently making a film about the Residents. Speaking to told Yahoo Music, Hardy continued, "One potential way to deal with it is to ask for a cease-and-desist and have attorneys sort it out. I think they’d rather see a different outcome, though. When you’re a smaller group, what do you do? If you file suit, people say, ‘Oh, it’s the small guys trying to get in on something big.’ It’s a no-win situation.”

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She still hasn't said anything about the plagarism accusations

The band maintain almost total anonymity from the public and never do interviews themselves, which does explain the eyeball look, and for a band that have been such a mainstay on the music scene and only ever managed to survive in the underground circuit, a little acknowledgement from a fanbase as large as Ke$ha's woud go a long way towards helping the group out. Ke$ha has yet to comment on the situation.

Check out these two videos to compare the stage shows and see if you think she was ripping them off.